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Our story

After getting 3 different accounts banned on Instagram due to poor quality followers, RapidInstaFollow was founded in 2012. The founder, an expert in social media marketing with over 14-years of experience, set out to provide manually-approved premium followers.

For the most cost-effective followers, likes and views packages, we provide you with genuine users that are both safe for your Instagram account and we require no passwords from you. All of our users are capable of getting your posts to the explore feed of Instagram which is something ONLY RapidInstaFollow offers.

Majority of our day to day executive operations goes into maintaining the quality of our followers, likes and views and providing first-class customer care to ensure all customers are happy. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee trusted by 70,000+ customers who have boosted their social media presence on Instagram with our services.

Our team work on the daily with users to help them increase their brand awareness on Instagram as well as their social popularity. All of this is provided through our Premium Instagram followers. You simply take our 2-step form to complete your order!

Our Focus

Every day at RapidInstaFollow headquarters we have 3 focuses:

• First focus: Providing high-quality followers for cost-effective prices. We do this by looking at Instagram account metrics such as the rate of social engagement, location of followers, maximising post reach, and the rate of appearing on the discover feed. Through these statistics of each account, we rank them with our own RapidInstaFollow score. When you place an order for Instagram followers, we provide you with followers that have the highest RapidInstaFollow score.

• Second focus: The seamless experience of placing your order. At RapidInstaFollow, our teams have developed a 100% secure 3-step page to ensure you can place your order without the need for any personal information. Our digital security team work effortlessly every day to ensure all pages are secure so that you can make secure payments with a peace of mind!

• Third focus: Ensure we comply with all of Instagram policies so that you can buy Instagram followers with us without the hesitation of getting banned. Unfortunately, many Instagram services eventually get your account banned due to fake Instagram followers. By providing real and premium followers, you can buy Instagram followers from us without any hesitation. All followers are authorised and approved manually by our team before they follow your account.

How It Works?


100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to leave a lasting impression on our clients. Let us know if you aren't satisfied with your order's quality or delivery. We'll refund any order that isn't fulfilled.


High-Quality Followers

Top-quality, instant follows from real users and real accounts (no bots or fake accounts).


24/7 Customer Service

Our trustworthy support staff is always available. If you have any questions about our services or experience any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Fast delivery

You will generally start seeing Likes, Followers, and Views within minutes of purchasing.

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